Corporate Image of London is committed to providing you with the right look for your team. We will therefore go the “extra mile” to ensure the corporate wear we supply to you is ideal for your business. We have access to a large range of European suppliers and, will efficiently pull the different elements of your new uniform together from a variety of sources to create the perfect package for your team.

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Personalised Uniforms

Personalise Your Uniform To Accommodate Your Needs – Colour, Style And Versatility

Select the best Corporate work wear for your employees as Professional Uniforms give the impression to the customers of being both professional and smart. Corporate clothing enhances professional confidence of the wearers.

Optional Extras

Embroidery For Tax Breaks – Company Logo’s, A Personal Fitting Service

Do you have to wear a uniform or protective clothing for work? Do you meet the cost of washing it yourself, without any assistance from your employer? Do you pay income tax on your earnings? Promote all items of your uniform with your personalised company logo or a company tax tab to claim your Uniform Tax Rebate.